Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog - LIVE

Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog is a 2008 musical tragicomedy miniseries in three acts, produced exclusively for Internet distribution. Filmed and set in Los Angeles, the show tells the story of Dr. Horrible, an aspiring super villain; Captain Hammer, his nemesis; and Penny, their mutual love interest.

John Doe the Musical

John Doe is a new musical written by Robert Moutal, directed by Michael Schwartz, Music Arranged & Directed by Andy Ingersoll and Choreographed by Courtney Corey, currently in full production.

Golden Child

Golden Child is an Obie Award-winning play by American playwright David Henry Hwang.

AMP Music Festival

AMP Music Festival is a daring project, a bold movement, and a new musical revolution.

stageHANDS - an Art Exhibition

stageHANDS: A GALLERY ART SHOWING is a presentation of the works of artists that usually use their skills to support others art.


Dr. Horrible Live on KPBS

Dr. Horrible and Chinese Pirate Productions were mentioned yesterday on

KPBS' Midday Edition:


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Events: Dr. Horrible, Voz Alta, And Beers For Books

A beer festival in Tijuana, a musical based on a popular blog, and a band from Columbia have our attention this weekend.


Maya Kroth is the editor of Where San Diego and Performances magazines.

Enrique Limon is San Diego CityBeat's man-about-town and editor for the website El Zonkey Show.com

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ST. JOHN: You're living to Midday Edition here on KPBS. I'm Alison St. John. This promises to be a sweet summer weekend weather wise here in San Diego. Not too hot, not too cool. What to do to enjoy our fair city and all it has to offer? We've got a pool party, a sing along, and a great Colombian band in the mix. Here to give us some inspiration are Maya Kroth, who is the editor of Where San Diego, and Performances magazine.

KROTH: Nice to see you, Allison.


ST. JOHN: And Enrique limonis San Diego City beat's man about town.

LIMON: Thanks for the invite.

ST. JOHN:…Now, Enrique, there's a musical opening this week called "doctor horrible's sing along blog."

LIMON: It's based on the tremendously popular three part series that ended up going viral and reminded us that aspiring super villains have a heart too.

ST. JOHN: Okay. So what made the web series so popular?

LIMON: Well, it was actually written during the 2008 writers' guild strike. It was born from an incessant need to create free from modern day Hollywood. It's a relatable and hilarious take on so it really managed to strike a really broad cord.

ST. JOHN: Sounds like it'll translate really well to the stage.

LIMON: I think it will actually translate seamlessly. Think of it as a modern day Othello for the web 2.0-generation. It has all the makings of a new rocky horror picture show.

ST. JOHN: Is this a great of local actors? Is the director local?

LIMON: Yeah, actually Comicon was a huge part of the web series' success. So it's fitting that Chinese pirate productions is behind the adaptation. And the best SD has to offer down to set design, which is in the hands of David wiener of La Jolla playhouse fame, and Paul Peterson who's in charge of sound design.

MAUREEN ST. JOHN: And it's called a sing along. Do people get to sing along?

LIMON: You betcha. I've been practicing the lyrics to my freeze ray for three weeks now. So my apologies to whoever's sitting around me.

ST. JOHN: Can you given us a little —

LIMON: I'm resting my instrument.

ST. JOHN: Okay. That's doctor horrible's sing along blog. You can perhaps hear Enrique singing along, Saturday, July 17th at tenth avenue theatre. And it runs through July 30th.